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Rice Release massage class

Rice Release Technique™ for Movement Therapists

Movement Therapist that are certified GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESIS®, Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais®, and Personal Trainers, etc. can be certified in the Rice Release Technique™ Level 1

What you can expect from this course

The Rice Release Technique™

Recognizes that stagnation is the cause of most pain in the body, use of the Rice Release Technique™ recognizes, address, and clears the congestion association with stagnation. The bodies release of unhealthy holding patterns results in a change that is felt within the nervous system, connective tissues, joints and muscle fibers. Patterns that caused stress, pain, or discomfort are changed, creating a new alignment allowing freedom for the ease of movement.

Courses Offered

Overall Review: Prerequisites having taken Upper Body and Lower Body courses.

Duration of each Course: 2 days, 9 hours total
Price: $350.00
Deposit: $150.00

Sign up for all three courses and save $150
Discounted Price for all three Courses: $900.00
Deposit $350.00

All deposits are non-refundable or transferable

Wednesdays and Thursdays
Dates: TBA Spring 2009
Time: 4-8:30pm

1st Course includes: “The Concise Book of Anatomy” and 5oz bottle of Arnica Gold™

massage massage


A Therapeutic Approach to Integrative Mind-Body Reeducation

Rice Release Technique™
8 Hours - Certificate of Attendance

Rice Release Technique™ involves one being open to listening to the needs of the clients’ body on many levels. The practitioner is taught how to view and work on the body in a multi-dimensional way so they can become aware of the clients holding patterns, whether they be facial, muscular, emotional, or structural.

The course covers the basic principals of assessment and treatment of neuromuscular and joint dysfunction commonly presented to therapists. This technique can be used when the client is either in prone, supine or sideline position. Students will observe through palpation the pattern of tension within the tissues, paying attention to their functional characteristics as well as their structure. They will isolate the individual muscles, the common trigger points and patterns of referred pain. Then assess if the muscle is congested, inflamed, in spasm, or if there is a build up of scar tissue. Once the area has been evaluated the student will then learn one of three ways to release the blockage; multi-plane acupressure, active movement of the muscles, or passively placing the client in a position which reduces tension and soreness. Under the palpitating fingers the practitioner will be taught when to use either pressure, cross fiber, or smoothing strokes. This technique causes a subjective reduction in tenderness, tissue tension and edema and should bring back the normal flow of blood and lymph to the area.

Overall, use of the Rice Release Technique™ should correct holding patterns, release blockages, increase flow, and allow the client to enter a more relaxed state of being. This, in turn, will assist in the re-patterning of the neuromuscular connection to the mind and body.

Goal of technique
The goal of the technique is to locate and release spasms and hyper contraction in the tissues, eliminate trigger points that cause referred pain. The intention is to aid in rebuilding the strength of injured tissues; assist in vascular and lymphatic flow. The outcome is the restoring of postural alignment, proper biomechanics, flexibility to the tissues and allowing both the client and therapist to remain in a relaxed state.

Duration: 3 day course
Price: $325.00

Course Material included: syllabus, text book, 5 oz Arnica Gold™


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