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Lisa Marie teaching pregnant woman


Private Sessions:

Introductory rate: $45 for 1 hour

for those being introduced to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®

1 session $75 | 5 sessions $355 | 10 sessions $675 | 20 sessions $1300

1/2 hour $40

1.5 hour $110

2 hours $140

Semi Private: (2 people - priced per person)

1 session $50 | 5 sessions $225 (save $25) | 10 sessions $425 (save $80)

1.5 hour $70

2 hours $90

Open GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes by In-Spiraling Instructors:

(Pre-requisite: Intermediate level for all who love to move their bodies)
Single 1 hr class: $35.00
Package of 4: $125.00


60 min group classes:

Single $18 | 10 classes $150 ($15 each)

90 min group classes:

Single $20 | 10 classes $165 ($16.50 each)

Open Studio Sessions

Use of the facility on your own without an instructor.
(Pre-requisite: Knowledge and use of the equipment and techniques.)
Single 1hr Session: $20.00
Monthly Rate: $250.00

Sessions Rates with Authorized Master Trainer Lisa Marie:

Private Sessions:

1/2 hour: $75
1 hour: $120
1.5 hour: $180
2 hour: $240

Semi-Private Sessions:

(price per person)
1 hour: $90
1.5 hour: $90
2 hour: $90

GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower Group Classes

Teachers’ Tower Classes with Lisa Marie

(Pre-requisite: Level 1 certified GYROTONIC® instructor)
Single 1hr class: $45.00


For your convenience we offer Private, Semi-Private, Equipment, Group and Open Studio Packages at a discount. Please note that all packages have an expiration date from the day of purchase. Family packages are available upon request.

5 series - expires in 8 weeks (56 days)

10 series - expires in 12 weeks (84 days)

20 series - expires in 22 weeks (154 days)

Services 7 days per week

Sessions are 30 minute, 55 minute or 90 minutes in duration.

Staff Instructor Rates

In-Spiraling Movement Arts is honored to have the most updated, enthusiastic, and professional instructors.
Their rates and packages differ from: $55.00 to $85.00 depending on experience so please call or email us for their information.

First time Introduction to Gyrotonic $45.oo for 55min

Gift Certificates:

You can purchase gift certificates for all of our services offered at our office or over the phone.

In-Spiraling Movement Arts Policy

Welcome to In-Spiraling Movement Arts! We are looking forward to your first session with us.

Please arrive a few minutes early prior to your session to fill out the registration forms and sign in with the front desk.

Wear comfortable clothing and socks. We are a shoeless studio following the tradition of leaving the outdoor energies at the door.

We are happy to provide you with water, tea, towels, and yoga mats.

Please be advised of our 24hr. cancellation policy: Appointments must be canceled 24 hours prior to appointment scheduled to avoid being charged a service fee.

Refunds: If you are not satisfied with our services or are unable to use your gift certificate we will be kindly give you a refund.

We look forward to seeing you.