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cd_gyrotonicGYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training Course


Lisa Marie presents the current exercises and explanations needed to prepare the candidate for the Level 1 Training course. This course will focus both on the physical execution of the movements involved as well as deepening the mental understanding of the GYROTONIC® principles applied. This class completely fulfills the maximum Pre-Training requirements of Level 1 exercises on the machines as well as 2, hour and a half GYROKINESIS® prior to enrollment into Level 1. The course may be run 20-28 hours depending on the amount of students enrolled. Prior experience with GYROTONIC® is highly recommended before entering this course. Students must take a GYROTONIC® Level 1 certification course following within 3 months after completing their Foundation Pre-Training.





cd_gyrotonicGYROTONIC® Level 1 Foundation Course


Lisa Marie presents the most current Level 1 curriculum and preliminaries as taught by Juliu Horvath. Upon completion of this course, participants will receive "Apprentice" status and may begin teaching the work. Students are eligible to take the Level I Final Certification no less than six (6) months after completion of this course, or more than 12 months after completion.

Please note: Prior to the start date, candidates must have completed the Pre-Training with a certified Gyrotonic Pre-Trainer and will be expected to present their Pre-Training Qualification sheet on the first day of the course. GYROTONIC® Level 1 Pre-Training GYROTONIC® Intro to Level 2 GYROTONIC® Master Trainer Program GYROTONIC® Apprenticeship Program:





GYROTONIC® Level 2 Pre-Training Course


This course is 3 days and is open to all Level 1 and Level 2 GYROTONIC® instructors. This course is to help prepare and / or refine the material in Level 2. It is also a great way to update and review. Exercises will be gone over in detail to help you prepare for the sequences given in the actual Level 2 course conducted by Lisa Marie. There are 2 Programs that are offered in Level 2. You have an option to take a 3 day Program 1 Pre-Training course or a 3 day Program 2 Pre-training course.



GYROTONIC® Level 2 Foundation Course


This a 4 day course conducted by Lisa Marie.

This course is now divided into 2 three day courses; being Program 1 or Program 2. You have an option to take them individually or register for both when combined. The Pre-Training for each is the pre-requisite. Upon completion you will receive an attestation. Manuals and DVD's are included.



With Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice


Join Specialized GYROTONIC®, GYROKINESI®, and Level 2 Master Trainer Lisa Marie Goodwin-Rice for this course that focuses on applying the GYROTONIC® method with a therapeutic and rehabilitative approach to the knee and hip.

Lisa Marie spent years (and presently continues) studying with Juliu Horvath and will discuss his views, theories and approaches to addressing knee and hip issues. She will address the anatomy of the knee and hip, help you create a healthy scenario and address pre and post-operative suggestions for the client's progressive home and studio regimen.

The Pulley system will be the primary equipment used, but the course will also explore how Specialized Equipment can assist with the knee and hip issues. This course is offered to all certified and GYROTONIC® teachers and counts as an official Update course. It will help you continue developing your skills and understand of the body with a new approach.



GYROTONIC® Master Trainer Program


Lisa Marie is one of the few Authorized Master Trainers who can assist you in your journey to becoming a GYROTONIC® Master Trainer. Training is available upon Juliu Horvath's approval through GYROTONIC® headquarters via Lisa Marie. Please contact for details. This is for students enrolled on the Master trainer Track.



In-Spiraling Apprentice Program


This program is designed by In-Spiraling Movement Arts for our alumni to help in their developement to become a Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor.

• The opportunity to rent the GYROTONIC® Pulley Tower at a discounted rate to either practice their developement as a teacher or personally refine and integrate the movement and principles within their own body.

• The studio also offers other seasoned instructors to consult and assist in you developement as an instructor by permitted observation of teaching clients or an opportunity to take sessions with them.

• Pulley Tower classes designed specifically for Apprentices.









GYROKINESIS® Level I Foundation


Lisa Marie presents on Juliu Horvath's adaptive yoga methodologies, principles and curriculum. This is a nine day course including 2 progressive classes. Upon completion, participants will receive a Level I Apprenticeship that will enable them to conduct Level I GYROKINESIS® classes. In order to receive Level 1 Certification, participants will need to take a 2-day final certification exam with Juliu in the time frame of no less than six (6) months after completion of this course, or more than 12 months after completion. Please note: Prior to the start date, candidates must have completed the Pre-Training with a certified GYROKINESIS® Pre-Trainer and will be expected to present their Pre-Training Qualification sheet on the first day of the course.



The GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Course was created by Juliu Horvath to take GYROKINESIS® Master Trainers beyond the Level 1 material and to offer a sense and preparation for the more advanced work he taught referred to as "Yoga for Dancers®". Juliu sought to expand the horizons of these Trainers and to show them further possible ways in which the human body can connect, move and stretch. Trainers who want to attend this Level 2 Course must complete the GYROKINESIS® Level 2 Beginner Course, a pre-requisite, as Juliu did not want Trainers to be overwhelmed with his Level 2 material. The Level 2 Beginner material introduces the Trainers to the more advanced work, begins to prepare their bodies, and they must practice this material on a regular basis before attending the Level 2 Course.

The Level 2 Foundation Course is 9 days in length, and unlike all previous GYROKINESIS® Training Courses. Exercises are not performed only on the floor in sitting positions but kneeling and standing. Each participant is expected to perform all of the exercises in the Course Manual.




This is a day course that is open to GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified Trainers.
This is a heart opening, traction, hanging and levitating experience with dynamic gymnastic movements as well as therapeutic. Recent additions such as a rotating propeller and adjustable arms make the Gyrotonic Archway a truly unique piece of exercise equipment.











Course description coming soon...





















This is a 4 day course that is open to GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified Trainers. Use of the GYROTONER® will allow one to experience movement in different planes as well as extensive working of the hip, pelvis, and SI joint.













This is a 7 day course that is open to GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified Trainers. This is the one machine that actually allows the client to be in a supine position, yet firing muscles as though they were upright, thus permitting the jump to be properly executed by the correct firing pattern of muscles involved.





This is a 6 day course that is open to GYROTONIC® Level 1 Certified Trainers. The combinations of movement challenge the neuromuscular system to release old and re-establish new patterns. The design of this machine is like no other allowing one to work the correct muscles of the legs to extend and flex the knees while creating space verses compression of the joints. Sometimes we like to refer to this as the "Happy Feet" course.